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Free card intelligent parking system

  • Free card intelligent parking fee system
  • Free card intelligent parking fee system
  • Free card intelligent parking fee system
Free card intelligent parking fee systemFree card intelligent parking fee systemFree card intelligent parking fee system

Free card intelligent parking fee system

  • Free card intelligent parking fee system
  • Product description: Free card intelligent parking fee system

Get free parking lot intelligent management system

Figure 1: Parking standard into a system topology

Figure 2: parking system standards into a hard to identify the list of configuration, computer and road gate customer owned

Figure 3: parking system standard into a soft identification configuration list, computer and road gate customer owned
The following is the customer back to the parking system project pictures, for reference only! Can not be reproduced thank you!

The following is the HD 720P according to the license plate camera night and day effects

1. System overview:
1.1, use
Free parking lot card management system is one of the modern intelligent parking lot leading essential facilities, which can be applied to the small one into a parking lot system, can also be applied to large MIMO system.
1.2, characteristics and advantages:
Most of the traditional parking lot is close to the credit card or the way to take the ticket as a vehicle to enter the field of evidence. The vehicle owner must stop when access to credit card or tickets, these methods will often bring a lot of inconvenience, such as when the peak is likely to cause congestion exit is not smooth, up and down when the card is easy to cause the vehicle, crane main rain outside on the parking lot entrance card / ticket when the arm will be wet.
The free parking lot card management system uses the advanced video card free of charge, the system can automatically identify the vehicle appearance, thus eliminating the owner card, credit card, card and a series of complicated steps, and the data are accurate and justified, it is not easy to make a mistake. Compared with the traditional way of charging,
Free card management system has the following advantages:
1, fast approach: no credit card / ticket, video vehicle identification, free card fast approach, avoid peak congestion caused by admission.
2, to avoid fees loophole: through the license plate recognition of parking fees, vehicle license plate for the import and export of the only document, accounting mechanisms closely, to avoid fees loopholes.
3, saving costs: to avoid the traditional credit card / ticket system to generate the card and note medium loss, reduce the late operating costs.
This system can replace the traditional credit card / ticket import field, and can effectively avoid the problems of traditional parking management methods in low efficiency, poor service, artificial charges and refused to pay parking fees generated, so as to realize the vehicle rapid approach to improve customer satisfaction.
1.3, work flow
Intelligent car park charging system adopts pure video vehicle license plate recognition method to manage the vehicle in and out of the parking lot. A set of entrance management device is arranged in the parking lot entrance, parking lot to form a relatively closed space, temporary users can directly enter into the system at the same time, instant recognition, intelligent gate open and close automatically, in a parking lot, and instantaneous recognition, test, record, accounting and charging work, intelligent gate system and automatic opening and closing, convenient for a parking lot management; fixed users can directly import and release.
Computer automatic recognition, automatic timing and charging, automatic management of temporary users, fixed user service, fast and efficient, the computer screen and the screen display parking time and charges and fees, fee transparency, display also prompts to guide the residents to use the car, and in a civilized language of greetings, so that tenants feel comfortable, in order to attract more users, improve the efficiency in the use of.
Intelligent road brake system matching with the anti function of the lifting rod and smashed cars; detection device system using advanced digital analog conversion technology, strong anti-interference ability, adapt to the harsh environment, has also improved the sensitivity and reliability of originality; the system can query the parking.
System is still in the parking lot entrances and exits of the installation of a high-definition network camera, a fixed frame, a fixed aperture lens, 24 hours to monitor the vehicle access, can clearly see the license plate number. When a vehicle enters the yard, the camera will signal to the parking lot management system through the network cable, stored in the database; when the vehicle left the car, the vehicle should pay the necessary management fees, all data from the vehicle (license plate, model, color and so on) must be the same with the contrast into the yard the data, then raised the brake lever, let the traffic.
Parking lot special channel opening license plate camera type: HK-130DL
[shutter function + adjustable light suppression + automatic capture +TF card storage + super wide dynamic + Dual I/O output + light intensity adjustable +ONVIF protocol]
Applications: widely used in night vision, street environment, the camera can see the license plate but also consider the surrounding environment, suitable for low budget township roads, national highway and provincial hospital, School of import and export, import and export, import and export area, gas station, large industrial park in the parking lot exit, entrance, city traffic monitoring sites and other monitoring sites!
Functional characteristics:
Using 1 million 300 thousand pixel SONY sensor, the maximum support 1280*1024 resolution; set wide dynamic, low illumination and high quality in a body;
This embedded intelligent algorithm, to ensure the best effect at night and during the day to see the license plate;
It is independent of the gate opening and closing function of the camera; day and night lights with open day is the day of the function; the brightness of the light value, the night is the night light brightness; suitable for underground garage parking field and daytime lights also need to open the place;
It has automatic capture storage or upload a picture function. Capture mode: external trigger (switch trigger), video capture, capture area; front-end configuration TF card slot (save the picture, maximum support 32GTF card), images stored in the TF card at the same time, but also to the specified computer through the FTP upload and capture camera flash;
It has adjustable electronic shutter, light suppression, super wide dynamic function, light suppression automatic conversion, so that day and night can achieve satisfactory effect monitoring;
You can monitor the 1-2 Lane 30, -120 code 5 optional mode;
It has the advantages of simple construction without professional debugging, no client software, all functions in the license plate camera control board, connect the NVR or computer retrieval of video playback, playback pause time

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